Tricks to get baby to sleep | 6 Tips from AKP

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Do you have a fuzzy baby?

I remember the evening hours with my own babies. I was desperately trying to find tricks to get baby to sleep, most times with no success. Becoming a newborn photographer helped me to learn all the secrets around how to get your baby to sleep, and I will gladly share them with you today. Find three tricks below to get baby to sleep during newborn sessions in my baby photography studio in Richmond Hill. GA. Most parents want to hire me for the exhausting evening hours to calm down their babies :D.

First, make sure all of the baby’s comfort needs are met. Babies like to be dry, before getting dressed warmly, and well-fed, in order to get some beauty sleep in.

Tricks to get baby to sleep

1. Swaddling

Make sure you swaddle tight (but loose enough so they can still breathe). If you can fit two fingers in the neck area, it is perfect, and they can breathe this way).

Tricks to get baby to sleep

2. White Noise or shushing

Some babies prefer white noise over shushing, you just need to try what works best for your little one.

3. Keep them warm

When their little feet and hands turn blue, then they’re either cold or their blood circulation is cut off. Just move them around a little bit and keep them warm.


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