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boy eating his smash cake

What is cake smash photography?

Cake smash photography is a trend that started in the USA, and as a 30A family photographer I am so happy about this trend. Parents would use the images from the session for the birthday child’s party invites. This meant the session often took place a month or so before their actual birthday. The actual cake smash photography sessions are child-led, this means the baby is my main focus and it’s more likely a play date where I capture your baby’s milestone, whether it is crawling, sitting, standing or even walking already.

Planning a cake smash session with your 30A family photographer

I love to include a few family images because it is so important to be in the picture. As one of the 30A family photographers I like it best when moms attend the session. It makes for happier babies, I promise. I am one of the few photographers who offers moms to use a dress from the client’s closet. Just one last thing to worry about. The baby is dressed with sweet outfits from the luxury client closet as well.

How do you photograph my baby?

I have a few props to include in the session. like this wooden heart bowl. It’s the most requested one for little girls. We start your session with family photos, if the family is included in this session. I highly recommend it, because my experience is, that the sessions go much smoother, if the parents, or at least one parent is involved in the session. Baby only portraits are so important to capture those chubby legs, tiny arm rolls and gummy grins of your one year old baby. I have a few props to include in the session. like this wooden heart bowl. It’s the most requested one for little girls.

What cake should I buy?

I make recommendations on what kind of cake to order, best size and where to buy it. If decoration is preferred, I have a few sweet banners, no. one’s and plastic farm animals on hand to decorate the naked cake with. Decorations will be removed after a few images for safety reasons, unless it is eatable deco, like fruits.

We start out with the family portraits if chosen and then I will capture your child at play. I loved this little girl. She came every month for a whole year to capture her portrait (but that will be another post).

a mom handing her one year old his smash cake

How long is the session?

I feel since I got rid of a lot of props to use during these sessions, the babies last longer because they’re not overwhelmed with props. So win, win <3. Cake smash sessions last about one hour.

30A family photographer – Final thought

Since you are looking for a 30A family photographer who can give you tips for your cake smash session, I’d love to chat about your family & kids photography needs! Click this link to view my work, and let’s start the conversation!

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