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Have you been carefully planning every detail of your baby’s arrival, from drafting a birth plan to deciding how you’ll deal with labor pain? While you’re planning everything, one important thing you might want to consider is hiring a doula. Birthing Tree in Pensacola Florida is going to be your ideal spot for finding the doula who is right for your family!

Doula, from the ancient Greek word for “woman servant” is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a woman before, during, and after childbirth. Doulas are present at birth in most cases and provide hands-on care such as massage or back rubs. Some doulas also teach breathing techniques or offer guided meditation. The goal of the doula is to help the mother feel more relaxed and confident about her birthing experience.

How Can Doulas from Birthing Tree Pensacola Help?

Doulas can provide continuous support and encouragement to birthing parents during labor and birth. Doulas go through extensive training to ensure they are well-versed in different birthing option. Some exapmles include pain relief techniques, birthing positions, and other birthing choices. They can help expecting mothers figure out what those birthing options are as well as navigate the process of childbirth.

Some doulas are also very experienced nursing assistants or midwives. They help ease new mothers into breastfeeding and can assist them with other physical needs of newborns such as bathing.

We can also advocate the kind of care you want and need. For example, some mothers want to be left alone during the process, while others want encouragement and guidance.

A doula can help ensure that these needs are met by informing your doctor or midwife of what you would like. Having another experienced person there looking out for your best interests can help ensure that unnecessary interventions aren’t performed.

How Does The Doula Process Work?

It varies, but doula care at Birthing Tree Pensacola generally starts with the mother interviewing doulas. During this initial meeting, they will discuss options available to expectant mothers. This includes pain management techniques, birthing positions, and more.

The mom might want to stay close to home or go all the way into the hospital; some moms don’t want any medication at all, while others would like to have an epidural at the earliest signs of labor pain. It’s important for mothers to know what their options are before making a decision about their particular childbirth experience.

After interviewing doulas, the mother chooses one with whom she feels comfortable and meets them in person prior to her due date for labor. During this meeting, the doula will discuss the mother’s preferences and write up a birth plan. Then, after giving birth, they can provide support to the new mother as needed. For example, it’s common to massage her very sore body or help her take a shower later on.

The idea is that mothers who work with doulas recover faster and enjoy their childbirth experience more than mothers who don’t have the support of doulas.

What Are The Benefits Of Doula Care?

Studies show that mothers who work with a doula are less likely to need pain medication, are more alert and active during labor. They also report enjoying their birth experience more, are more satisfied with their birth experiences, have faster labors on average.

Some studies even show that they have lower instances of postpartum depression. Babies born to mothers who work with doulas also enjoy better health and wellness on average. They often cry less and statistically stay warmer after birth compared to babies whose mothers didn’t work with a doula during childbirth.

A Peek Into Birthing Tree Pensacola

Birthing Tree offers doula services in Pensacola, Florida. These services include physical doula support, virtual doula support, breastfeeding support, postpartum support, and more.

Their doulas are experienced professionals who have undergone extensive training to provide you with the support you need. They understand that every birth is unique. This means they will work with you to ensure that you get the care and support you need.

Birthing Tree’s mission is to help expecting parents learn about child birthing. This is to equip them with the tools they need to have a great childbirth experience. We offer a variety of services to achieve this goal, including doula support for your labor and birth.


At Birthing Tree Pensacola, the doulas are highly trained and experienced professionals that provide a variety of services to mothers. Emotional support, physical comfort, and information about birth options are just a few. Labor/birth coaching as well as postpartum care for the mother and newborn child is also a constant. Let them guide you through your childbirth journey with compassionate, supportive care.

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