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How to choose your newborn photographer Savannah GA!

I stumbled across an article the other day and thought this might be useful information for new(born) clients trying to find the right fit. Finding a Savannah newborn photographer is not just about finding the cheapest one out there. You should find someone you trust, who fits your style, is insured, has the right equipment, is registered with the state, has fundamental schooling and can show consistent galleries. You are letting them handle your newborn, the one you held so safe in your belly for nine months.

You only get one chance to take these precious pictures; there are no do-overs since this time flies by so fast. Newborn pictures should be taken within the first 10 days to receive the really curly posed pictures (just like they were while in the womb). This time will never come back, so you should do your research and it should start with this article by Little Moon Photography.

Please see a full gallery of my work below. These galleries always depend on how cooperative your newborn is, how well you follow my newborn-session-guide, and how well you prepare yourself and your new baby for the session.

My business is registered in the state of Georgia (please search yourself), I have a business license (hung out in my private studio in Richmond Hill; my business is allowed to run out of my home) and my business also has a liability insurance. EDIT: I am the first newborn photographer in Georgia to carry a newborn photography safety certification. I always recommend to visit my space, so you get a feeling for where your baby will be photographed. We also start building a relationship which makes more relaxed pictures. Relaxed mommy=relaxed newborn. I am immunized against the flu and I take my Vitamin B12 every day during the high-risk season to protect your newborn and myself.

Through the years I have taken many professional photography courses, and I am currently taking classes on a regular basis with The Milky Way in order to keep up with the most current developments in photography. My props used for the sessions are a fine selection of the best and most known prop vendors out there. The items I use get a good cleaning after each use.

Unfortunately, there are many businesses not operating legally, so doing this research is necessary.  You want these images to stand the test of time and be around on your walls or in an album for decades.

Thank you for trusting me <3.


Andrea Krey is a photographer in the Savannah, GA area and specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography and motherhood photography. Newborn Photography is done in her natural light studio in Richmond Hill, GA and all other sessions can be taken in surrounding areas. Andrea Krey serves Richmond Hill, Savannah and Tybee, just to mention a few areas.  Andrea is known for her natural and organic newborn, baby, maternity and motherhood photography. She has a very natural style that fits today’s modern family. Her sessions concentrate on natural interactions and love.