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I believe in the power of printed photographs!

I've wanted to do this forever; comparing different print labs! And I finally did it with my recent newborn session. 

In the pictures in left row, you see some matte prints from Walmart. When I picked them up I was  kind of surprised how good they turned out. I didn't have the pictures from the middle row with me to compare. The middle row is printed by my Pro Lab, which I love so dearly. They are always spot on and I have not had any problems yet *knockonwood. On the right side, you see prints from another Pro-Lab Mpix Pro. I pulled it out of the package and saw right away, that the pictures are way on the green side. 

I used the exact same digital files for all three labs, sized and sharpened to 4x6 prints. My monitor is calibrated with a Colormunki Display every two weeks and I promise, that I see the correct colors on my screen.

What you can't see in this picture is the feel of the prints. And the pictures of my Pro-Lab just have the best feeling to them and the best paper quality. You want these pictures to last a lifetime, so please don't choose to print with just a random print office. You can easily print through my online gallery and I promise you will not be disappointed. I will make sure to show you the differences once we talk about your prints.

I special size and sharpen every single digital file for your prints. My packages come with a print release for up to 8x10 prints. I would hate for you to take one of these pictures and order huge prints or a canvas on your own and it turns out to be green. Let me print for you!

Newborn Photography Savannah GA.jpg

Andrea Krey is a photographer in the Savannah, GA area and specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography and motherhood photography.
Newborn Photography is done in her natural light studio in Richmond Hill, GA and all other sessions can be taken in surrounding areas. Andrea Krey serves Richmond Hill, Savannah and Tybee, just to mention a few areas.  Andrea is known for her natural and organic newborn, baby, maternity and family photography.

To view more work, please visit Andrea’s portfolio.  To book a session, visit the contact form!