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Hooray! Alex turned one!

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Alex is my first Baby Plan client, which means that I got to photograph him several times throughout his precious first year of life. I got to see all kinds of milestones during this time. I am so thankful for his parents to choose me to photograph these fleeting moments for them. I am happy that they have the opportunity to display his first year of life now.

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As always I give my customers the opportunity to tell about themselves and provide tips for other new parents to plan their sessions or tips on how to survive the crazy first year.

How did you hear about Andrea Krey Photography?
A local photographer I know.

Why would you recommend Andrea Krey Photography to your friends?
I think your work is amazing and you are great with the babies.

How old was your baby when they had their photoshoot?
We did a milestone session for one month, four months, eight months, and 12 months.
What is your baby's recent milestone? (sitting/crawling/new word etc.)
Speaking new words. His vocabulary is exploding! He likes to say "hooray!"

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What has your favorite milestone been to treasure as a parent?
When he began sitting. The world was so new and exciting to him- and less dangerous than crawling and walking.

Does your baby have a favorite toy or storybook - if so what is it and who gave it to them?
His favorite book is Dada by Jimmy Fallon. We bought it randomly online. He knows it by name and "reads" along out loud.

How old was your baby when the first tooth arrived? Was teething hard or a breeze?  Any tips for parents that have a hard time when it comes to a teething baby that isn't coping?
Seven months. It wasn't too bad. Lots of drooling, some diaper rash. The best things were wet washcloths and mesh feeders with frozen fruit. The teething toys were a waste of money. Tylenol for fevers and pain for three days right before they come out, too.
What has your favorite moment been so far as a parent? 
I don't know. I love watching him waddle around Forsyth Park, laughing and squealing. It makes me happy.

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What age do you adore and why? 
I like this one, 14-16 months when he is a better walker and can do lots of things and also interact and play all at the same time. I did not like 12-14 months when he was learning to walk, or crawling. It was like mom and dad were pieces of furniture and only there to save him from danger!

Tell me your favorite stores you are obsessed with shopping at (cute clothes/fave cafe to hang out with a baby and friends etc.). 
We are a boring Amazon family. We work too much and don't love shopping. For his clothes, I am obsessed with He has cardigans, leggings, PJs, and hoodies in all different colors. We also like to buy him nerdy t-shirts on RedBubble. 


Andrea Krey is a photographer in the Savannah, GA area and specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography and motherhood photography. Newborn Photography is done in her private newborn studio in Richmond Hill, GA and all other sessions can be taken in surrounding areas. Andrea Krey serves Richmond Hill, Savannah and Tybee, just to mention a few areas.  Andrea is known for her natural and organic newborn, baby, maternity and motherhood photography. She has a very natural style that fits today’s modern family. Her sessions concentrate on natural interactions and love.