World Breastfeeding Week | Savannah Baby Photographer

Celebrating ALL the ways we feed our babies!

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World Breastfeeding Week is from Aug. 1st-Aug. 7th, 2018 and it is dedicated to celebrating the normalization of breastfeeding. I am a big breastfeeding advocate. I breastfed both of my babies. Both for a very short time. My son for only two months and my daughter for about four months. It didn't work too well with my son. I was probably too young and didn't have the support you can get nowadays (he's 20 years old already). When my daughter was born eight years ago, I didn't want to breastfeed because of the trouble I had with my son. The moment they placed her on my breast, however, she started breastfeeding. I gave it a try, and it worked great. Sadly, I had to stop after four months.

Sometimes it just doesn't work, and it is ok.

Along with celebrating breastfeeding during this week, I want to celebrate all Moms and all the ways we feed our littles. We all have different paths, and yet we all have had the same results. Happy and healthy babies.


During this World Breastfeeding Week, I don’t want any mom to feel guilty or ashamed for pulling out a bottle to feed her babe or for nursing her baby in the middle of a crowded mall. Or for taking three pumping breaks a day at work. I want them to know that no matter which way they choose to feed their baby, I support them.


These are short & sweet sessions to celebrate the bond between mother and child. 


  • Saturday, August 11th, 10am to 2pm

  • 20 minute feeding session (studio in Richmond Hill)

  • Wardrobe Guide after booking

  • One matted print (5x7 matted to 8x10, $100 value)

  • Matching Digital Image ($100 value)

  • Print Release

Only four session slots available. Book yours soon! $99 + Georgia Sales Tax, due on day of booking and non-refundable.

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