Cake Smash & Bubble Splash Session | Savannah, Georgia

Oh the fun we had during this session. Little Owen is so much joy, full of laughter and fun. it was our second session together and read yourself what his sweet mom thinks:


How did you hear about Andrea Krey Photography?

My friend had gotten her newborn session for her son with Andrea & the pictures were so adorable! She used a natural, clean look that I just LOVE! It leaves such focus on the baby that I knew immediately I wanted to have some pictures of our son taken.

Why would you recommend Andrea Krey Photography to your friends?

Andrea is an amazing photographer of course but above that she is also very personable & kept such a relaxed studio that my husband & I were very confident that our son would respond to that feel/energy...which he did & his pictures came out so precious.

What beautiful products did you order from Andrea Krey Photography for your images and why?

Honestly I had to control myself with our son's 1yr old cake smash session. I bought a package to get a complete set of 4x6's so that I could create an album for our memories. That also came with a great combo of 2 8x10 and 4 5x7. This worked out great for the collage I created in our home. The print quality was outstanding to say the least! And just picking out which pictures to enlarge was a challenge for me since Andrea had so many beautiful shots that really did capture his personality.

What was the reason for this milestone session (being able to sit up, walking or 1st birthday)?

We have done 2 milestone sessions so far. A 6mo session that was just in time for Christmas 2016. And that gave us great options for creating an adorable Christmas card. Then we did a cake smash session for his 1st birthday. We were able to get such precious and fun shots from Andrea's setup. I loved watching him explore the cake but the mini tub session pictures afterwards seriously stole this Momma's heart.

Is there a friendly name that maybe you called him/ her in the womb? Or a sibling has chosen since the baby has been born? i.e.: MonkeyMoo etc.

In the womb, his nickname was Flip.

Is there a story behind this?

Little man was all boy in the womb and was doing some crazy acrobatics at night. I had mentioned this to a couple girlfriends who named him Flip for a combo of that & their nickname for my husband was Flip phone due to his old school phone he still had at the time.

What are your favorite stores you go shopping at? (this will help other new parents to prepare for their new miracle and get ideas). Online stores or local? (please link your favorite stores)

I did mostly online shopping but one product that saved us was his Zippadee-zip! Owen did not like being swaddled & once he was in this it calmed him immediately so he could fall asleep easier.


Little Owen, it was such a pleasure to capture these special moments for your family and I am hoping to see you in front of my lens again. Stay sweet!