Ft. Stewart Newborn Photographer | Winn Army Hospital

This little bean was so beautiful bean had the blondest hair. So sweet.

We all know, we don’t feel the best right after having a baby. But I got you, Mom! I even have a few dresses\ robes to use at the hospital for your Fresh 48 session. As an Air Force wife and baby photographer I am so lucky to have the Winn Army hospital in Ft. Stewart so close to swing by for a sweet and short Fresh48 sessions. Almost all rooms have gorgeous light, too. The staff is fantastic. They completely worked with us and worked on our schedule. I have been to a few hospitals, but this one is by far the friendliest one.

So, if you have a birth planned at Winn and would love to have some pictures taken of the first few hours of your sweet new family member, contact me and we will set something up. I’d love to capture this special time for you!

On another note: This little boy was so relaxed. We decided to photograph him in my newborn studio in Richmond Hill and no regrets here. He was just as chill at the studio.

Hi, and thank you so much for reading this blog post.  I love featuring my clients’ images here, and this will give you a glimpse into what you will receive when you commission me as your Newborn Photographer in Savannah.
If you would like to see what an entire gallery looks like, please don’t hesitate to ask.  My favorites are posted here, but all of the images you receive are worthy of being in a frame or an album!
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Due to the custom nature of portrait sessions, I take a limited number of clients each month.
I find such joy in capturing a family’s story and would be honored to help you tell yours!

xoxo, andrea

Five Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag | Savannah Candler Hospital

Savannah birth photography-hospital-bag-fresh48-1.jpg

I ask my customers all the time what the most valuable thing is to pack into their hospital bag. Around 34 weeks is a great time to have your hospital bag ready. When I was having my children it seemed like I wanted to move into the hospital room, when I was admitted. I packed way too many things. Here are five things that are absolutely vital to pack, when you leave for the hospital. The Ultimate Hospital Bag List can be downloaded below. Just simply check off what you’ve packed already.

  1. Important paper work - Bring copies of your birth plan (if you have one), a picture ID, health insurance information, and hospital registration forms. Even if you've already registered at the hospital, some hospitals need to confirm your records before they can admit you.

  2. Telephone chargers - I know, you're never without your phone. But be sure you (and your partner) have chargers handy. Besides needing a phone for obvious reasons (calling, texting, and updating your social accounts with your exciting news) you'll want to download helpful apps, like a contraction timer and white noise.

  3. VIP phone list - family and friends will anxiously wait for THE message… your Fresh48 and\ or newborn photographer, too :).

  4. Pillow - The pillows in the hospitals may be uncomfortable, and bringing one you're familiar with may help you to relax. Bring one for your birth partner, too, if he or she is planning on spending the night.

  5. Tens machine, if you’re planning to use one. I also had a massage ball with me so my husband could massage my back.

Savannah birth photography-hospital-bag-fresh48-2.jpg

To download the Ultimate Hospital bag checklist fill out information below and it will automatically send out to you. You can then save it as a PDF to your computer and print it out.

Breastfeeding Tips | Richmond Hill newborn photographers

beautiful mothers feeding their babies in photography studio richmond hill georgia

Nursing your baby is not an easy job. Everyone makes it seem effortless and a natural process, you’re supposed to know how to do it. But as a Savannah Newborn Photographer and mom of two, I’ve had lots of experience with trying to nurse my children. I’ve had lots of successes and some failures. Always keep in mind, that whether you decide that nursing is for you or not, a happy fed baby is the most crucial part.

I had a rough time nursing my first child and eventually decided formula would make me a happier and a more capable mom. When I became pregnant with my second child, I didn't even want to nurse her, because of the bad experience I had with my first baby. She naturally just started nursing right after birth, and I gave it a try, ending up having a super beautiful nursing relationship with my sweet baby.


Here are a few things I learned that helped me along the way.

It’s ok to ask for help.

If you give birth at a hospital or birth center, there are typically lactation consultants available on staff to help and answer your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask. Both you and your baby are learning how to nurse.

My sweet friend Christina (right in picture below) from Latch onto Health is a doula and lactation consultant. She offered to give you some tips during our newborn photography session in RIchmond Hill, Georgia if her schedule lines up with mine. Please let me know, if you would like to take advantage of this sweet offer, so I can contact her in time.

There’s also the Savannah Baby Cafe if you need help nursing. Please see this video for more information about their services in our area. If you aren’t local, you can look on the main website for a group local to you.

Doula at park with baby giving lactation advice

“It doesn't hurt.”

Not true. Most woman experience pain in the beginning. It can take a moment to get used to breastfeeding, but once you get used to it, the soreness goes away. If you experience intense sharp pain, I recommend talking to your doctor. There could be lots of reasons why you're in pain and getting help can get to the root of the problem.

AKP_1973 copy.jpg

Nipple Cream is your best friend.

I once slacked on the nipple cream. Bad decision. After that, I made sure I always had some with me. My favorite is Lasinoh lanolin. I tried other creams that aren’t animal-based, but they didn’t work for me. Nipple cream keeps your nipples from drying, cracking, and bleeding.

nursing mom at beach tybee island with her feeding baby

Meet your best friend’s best friend, nursing pads.

Leaking isn’t fun. Along with my trusty tube of lanolin, I also kept nursing pads with me. There are the disposable kind as well as re-usable cloth options.

breastfeeding mother with her baby in field location Richmond Hill Georgia

A good nursing bra is like hitting the jackpot.

Do yourself a favor and buy a nursing bra. I preferred underwired ones, they just made me feel so much more comfortable. Investing in a good nursing bra was well worth it. European or Australian brands are great, too, like Cake Lingerie, if you’re having trouble finding ones that work.

hospital nursing session Chandler in Savannah

So here they are, my breastfeeding tips, the things that worked best for me.

Andrea Krey, one of Savannah newborn photographers, serves the greater Savannah area and specializes in maternity, newborns, and babies. Click here if you’re interested in booking a session.

How to prepare for your newborn photo session | Richmond Hill, GA

There are so many choices for great newborn photographers in the beautiful Savannah area, and I feel so honored that you have chosen me as your newborn’s photographer. Our small newborn studio is conveniently located in Richmond Hill, GA, with easy access to I95 and HWY 17. I provide you with luxe maternity gowns for you to use during our maternity photography session and soft wraps and fibers to use during our newborn session. I also have carefully selected props from all over the world in my studio, but the main focus will always be on you and\ or your baby.


I love snuggling with newborns! I know how important your little ones first portraits are. Your friends and family members will be adoring them for years to come. My goal is to provide each family with a unique experience, just as your newborn is unique. My newborn sessions take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on how much your baby wants to eat and snuggle. I work on your baby's schedule; it’s all about patience! My experience has offered an extreme comfort level with my clients, and I am quite diverse in my posing and comforting skills.

Here are the things that I KNOW will happen during your time in the studio and I want you to be prepared for this:

a. Your newborn baby will cry, and that's ok! I think it’s super sweet and I have a load of experience with calming babies. I have two of my own. It is important that you stay calm and relaxed as much as possible. If you are nervous, your baby is nervous.

b. Your baby will potty during the session, and it may be on anything and\ or anyone. And that's ok! I am used to clean the messes, and you should bring with an extra outfit, too.

c. Your newborn will eat, a lot. And that's ok! I work on the baby's schedule, and if we have to take a break, we will do so. At this stage, your newborn is most likely not on a “schedule” just yet. I want to make this experience beautiful and memorable for you and who doesn't love to remember the snuggles with a newborn baby. I am a 100% on board with both breast and bottle feeding and aim to offer a comfortable experience for your baby to eat in a relaxing atmosphere. I work with a few doulas that offer lactation counseling services and if their time allows we can easily make arrangements to visit during your baby's session and give you a little advice and encouragement. Please visit Latch onto Health.

d. Your newborn will sleep, sometimes a lot. And that's ok! Sleeping babies are super cute. My studio is warm during our newborn sessions, and your baby is comfortably wrapped during the first part of our session. If your baby is freshly fed and wrapped up warm, they will naturally just fall asleep.

I prepare for each session. We go over outfit choices and choose props for your newborn session during our pre-session or through an questionnaire. I want you to feel comfortable during your session, and I work hard to keep both of you parents comfortable and baby as well.


You might be wondering how to best prepare for your newborn’s first portrait session.

Here are tips for getting the most out of your newborn session:

1. My customers book their session during their second trimester. I take on just a few newborn sessions per month and to make sure to reserve your spot you might want to book your session early. Once the session is booked I will put your due date on my calendar. Now we just lean back and wait for baby to arrive. Most customers send me a quick text message to let me know that they're on their way to the hospital. That's how excited they are :). Your newborn will be displaying the most womb-like behaviors during the first 14 days of life. And as soon as you contact me that baby arrives\d (the sooner, the better!) I will move your due date to your actual appointment. 

2. Dress comfortably, especially if you don't want to be in the session. I highly encourage you to take a picture with your baby though  You can wear one of my studio dresses during this part. I promise I keep the shots chest up if you feel more comfortable that way.  I know you just delivered a baby and probably don't feel the best. You will not regret these touching images of the love that you already feel for your new bundle of joy. Your child, once grown up, will cherish this picture forever, I promise! Please bring a cream\ white tank top (Mom) and a plain cream\ grey t-shirt, v-neck or dress shirt (Dad). We have so many stretchy maternity gowns as well that look gorgeous from chest up!.

3. Right before you leave your house to come to your session, please loosen baby’s diaper (this helps eliminate diaper marks) and top him/her off with a MINI feeding, if neccessary. Once you're here you will feed your baby so it is nice and full. Some parents manage to keep their baby awake before the session which always guarantees for a sleepy baby. Giving them a bath before the session always helps, too. If a bath is no option, please make sure your baby is feshly washed, especially the hair (with a cloth), so we have fresh hair for the images. Remember: A full (and warm) baby is a happy and sleepy baby! And, burp away! Gassy babies have a harder time resting.

4. If the baby is not asleep when you get here, don't worry. I love awake shots, especially during the family part and prop section of your session. I love how you can connect with your baby it makes for the best images.

5. Do you have a meaningful prop? (a blanket your grandmother made, for example, bring it along and I try to include it in your session.


If you consider a Fresh48 hospital session, please ask me about my add-on option!


I hope these tips are useful to prepare for the best newborn photography session possible and again, I am so thankful you consider me as your Savannah photographer.

If you are still in the early stages of finding your newborn photographer... Click Here!

How to prepare for your maternity session | Richmond Hill, GA

If you are pregnant and want to take maternity photos, this post is for you! Maternity Photography sessions in Savannah and surrounding areas are one of my favorite photography sessions to create in our Richmond Hill photography studio or surrounding areas.

I remember finding out I was pregnant. I took three pregnancy test with each child because I just couldn't believe the miracle. From the moment that little extra line appears on the test, your life begins to present it’s fair share of little surprises, right? 

Morning sickness or for some even 24-7 sickness in the first couple of weeks\ months, then come tiny flutters that make you forget all about the not-so-good mornings. Do you remember your first ultrasound appointment? The first time you heard that little heartbeat? It just keeps getting better. Your favorite jeans don't fit anymore. You run to the bathroom every other hour. In fact, you’d sleep if you didn’t have to take several trips to the potty every night. Your baby bounces around in your belly, and your dreams of holding your little bundle of joy become so vivid.

I can tell you that pregnancy was one of the most magical times of my life! You may not always feel beautiful, but you are!

I did not have maternity pictures taken because maternity photography was not a thing at the time (I am from Germany) I was pregnant with my children. Let’s make sure you remember this amazing time; your children will thank you for it!



Here are some tips on how to prepare for your maternity session:

1. If you decide to wear your own outfit, instead of using the gowns from my studio wardrobe, make sure to know that tight pants and socks, leave dents on the skin. Stay form-fitting but comfy for your shoot.

2. Keep your nails natural. Nail-design changes just like clothing styles do.

3. Consider booking a hair & make-up artist for your session, even if you’re a super-natural style Mama. Treat yourself; you deserve it! Let a make-up artist bring out all of your natural beauty with photo-ready makeup and a perfect hairstyle for your shoot! Most of my customers go on a fancy lunch\dinner date with their husband after their session. Not only do they feel super pretty because of their hair and make-up but I make them feel like a supermodel as well :).

4. Tell me what you’re comfortable with. If you’re belly shy…say so! We have ways of making sure your belly looks stunning without showing any skin. If you don’t like your stretch marks, c-section scar, linea nigra (you know the dark line along the navel line?), or anything else, there are ways to remove them. They should not be the reason not to have fantastic belly pictures!

5. Do your research. PINTEREST is my best friend! Also look up my Instagram and point me in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions. I am open to ideas; I like to get inspired, and I love to grow!

Andrea Krey Photography_maternity-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah6.jpg

I hope these tips help and get you even more excited about your sessions!! I sure am!

Thinking ahead of time could save you some headache and money! We offer a wide range of services to our new mamas! Don’t forget to schedule your newborn photography session, Fresh48, milestone and\ or cake smash sessions. I offer specialty sessions from time to time. Please sign up for my newsletter, and you will always be up to date with my offers. I know you’re going to love your experience of being pampered and beautified in my studio and I just can’t wait to create art for you to cherish a lifetime.


I could go on and on. I loved having all of these sweet babies this year and hope for many more next year. Thank you so much fro trusting me to handle and photograph your newborn baby in Richmond Hill, GA. Newborn sessions are very limited due to the fact that they are very time consuming. Book your session for 2018 early to make sure you will reserve your spot on my calendar.

Andrea Krey is a photographer in the Savannah, GA area and specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography and motherhood photography. Newborn Photography is done in her private newborn studio in Richmond Hill, GA and all other sessions can be taken in surrounding areas. Andrea Krey serves Richmond Hill, Savannah and Tybee, just to mention a few areas.  Andrea is known for her natural and organic newborn, baby, maternity and motherhood photography. She has a very natural style that fits today’s modern family. Her sessions concentrate on natural interactions and love.

Adorable baby newborn photography | Savannah, GA

This is such a beautiful family. I was so excited when they booked me for their newborn photo session, look at all those sweet little boys.

Lisa took advantage of my itty bitty studio belly session and looked pretty as ever.

I love to pull out my mattress for lifestyle inspired newborn photography images. Most mom's thank me for it, since they're super tired and sometimes still exhausted from birth. I once had a mom fall asleep on my bed haha.


Look at the smirk on his face. Just love it so much.

fireplace_Modern-Romance copy.jpg

Andrea Krey is a photographer in the Savannah, GA area such as Guyton, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Hilton Head, Tybee Island, Bloomingdale, Ellabell, Hinesville and Midway.  She specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography and motherhood photography. Newborn Photography is done in her private newborn studio in Richmond Hill, GA and all other sessions can be taken in surrounding areas. Andrea Krey serves Richmond Hill, Savannah and Tybee, just to mention a few areas.  Andrea is known for her natural and organic newborn, baby, maternity and motherhood photography. She has a very natural style that fits today’s modern family. Her sessions concentrate on natural interactions and love.