1st Motherhood Event | Savannah Motherhood Photographers

Celebrate Mother's Day with Andrea's 1st Motherhood Event!

LOCATION: Private studio in Richmond HIll, Georgia

Being a mom of two myself I know exactly what you want in a photo shoot.
You want to look great, gentle and loving. You want to have tender portraits of yourself and your children.
However, we don't know how to act, where to look, when to smile or even how to smile.
And this is where my Motherhood session is the perfect solution.
I LOVE Motherhood sessions because it shows Connection. Emotion. Intimacy.
I love capturing the little things that make you a mother.
The way you hold their hands so they don’t fall.
The way you fold their hair behind their ear.
The way little fingers play with your hair behind your back that you will never ever get to see otherwise.
The way you look at them when you relax and stop posing. Every. Single. Detail.

Let's capture this special time on film for you to always remember.

Terms and Conditions Cancellations: Absolutely no refunds will be given, but you may transfer your session to another party or use your credit on file for a future session.