Five Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag | Savannah Candler Hospital

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I ask my customers all the time what the most valuable thing is to pack into their hospital bag. Around 34 weeks is a great time to have your hospital bag ready. When I was having my children it seemed like I wanted to move into the hospital room, when I was admitted. I packed way too many things. Here are five things that are absolutely vital to pack, when you leave for the hospital. The Ultimate Hospital Bag List can be downloaded below. Just simply check off what you’ve packed already.

  1. Important paper work - Bring copies of your birth plan (if you have one), a picture ID, health insurance information, and hospital registration forms. Even if you've already registered at the hospital, some hospitals need to confirm your records before they can admit you.

  2. Telephone chargers - I know, you're never without your phone. But be sure you (and your partner) have chargers handy. Besides needing a phone for obvious reasons (calling, texting, and updating your social accounts with your exciting news) you'll want to download helpful apps, like a contraction timer and white noise.

  3. VIP phone list - family and friends will anxiously wait for THE message… your Fresh48 and\ or newborn photographer, too :).

  4. Pillow - The pillows in the hospitals may be uncomfortable, and bringing one you're familiar with may help you to relax. Bring one for your birth partner, too, if he or she is planning on spending the night.

  5. Tens machine, if you’re planning to use one. I also had a massage ball with me so my husband could massage my back.

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To download the Ultimate Hospital bag checklist fill out information below and it will automatically send out to you. You can then save it as a PDF to your computer and print it out.