Cake Smash Photo Session | Ludowici, GA

Hello sweet Miss M.,

I miss you! It has been such a pleasure to photograph this sweet girl a second time. Her family brought their own outfits and we chose one from the client closet. We just kept her busy throughout her session with all kinds of toys. The xylophone is a kids favorite. I don’t blame them, it’s so much fun!

I don’t photograph themed cake smash session ever (themed as in Disney characters or similar). The focus is on the baby, no overwhelming props needed.

If you want to find out, what we designed for this sweet session please scroll all the way down.


Barn wood Frames are a client’s favorite product. They’re perfect for story telling like this sweet one year cake smash photography session at my studio in Richmond Hill. The wood is hand picked for each frame. No frame is alike. I design the collage with the favorite nine from their session and present it to my clients in a proof gallery. Here we have two different collages, because the family wants to hang each in different homes. I always love to know, what my customers tend to do with their images, so I can photograph accordingly. For heirloom album I photograph a lot of details and close-ups, for a statement piece of art I make sure, that we have a good variety to choose from of portraits and so we are able to crop them horizontal OR vertical or even square (my favorite, I love everything square).


Hey Mom,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I love featuring my clients’ images here, and this will give you a glimpse into what you will receive when you commission me as your newborn Photographer in Richmond Hill.
If you would like to see what an entire gallery looks like, please don’t hesitate to ask or scroll through my blog.  My favorites are posted here, but all of the images you receive are worthy of being in an album! You can also see my current work on Instagram (please scroll down).
If you have booked a session with me and are drawn to this session, please send me this link, so I can see exactly what you are wanting to take away from our time together.
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Due to the custom nature of portrait sessions, I take a limited number of clients each month.
I find such joy in capturing a family’s story and would be honored to help you tell yours!

xoxo Andrea

Pretty Maternity Photography Richmond Hill Georgia

This pretty momma came back all the way from Alabama to take her maternity images with me. She told me, that she had never taken any maternity photos, but knew, that this was her last chance to take them, being pregnant with her third child.

We planned this session over the phone and it came out so perfectly. We started with studio portraits and finished up in the bath tub full of flowers and a milk bath.

I turn on a candle warmer during the milk bath part and many customers told me, that they feel like they’re in a spa. I want this experience to be as special as possible for my customers to remember this time for a lifetime.


How to prepare for your maternity session | Richmond Hill, GA

If you are pregnant and want to take maternity photos, this post is for you! Maternity Photography sessions in Savannah and surrounding areas are one of my favorite photography sessions to create in our Richmond Hill photography studio or surrounding areas.

I remember finding out I was pregnant. I took three pregnancy test with each child because I just couldn't believe the miracle. From the moment that little extra line appears on the test, your life begins to present it’s fair share of little surprises, right? 

Morning sickness or for some even 24-7 sickness in the first couple of weeks\ months, then come tiny flutters that make you forget all about the not-so-good mornings. Do you remember your first ultrasound appointment? The first time you heard that little heartbeat? It just keeps getting better. Your favorite jeans don't fit anymore. You run to the bathroom every other hour. In fact, you’d sleep if you didn’t have to take several trips to the potty every night. Your baby bounces around in your belly, and your dreams of holding your little bundle of joy become so vivid.

I can tell you that pregnancy was one of the most magical times of my life! You may not always feel beautiful, but you are!

I did not have maternity pictures taken because maternity photography was not a thing at the time (I am from Germany) I was pregnant with my children. Let’s make sure you remember this amazing time; your children will thank you for it!



Here are some tips on how to prepare for your maternity session:

1. If you decide to wear your own outfit, instead of using the gowns from my studio wardrobe, make sure to know that tight pants and socks, leave dents on the skin. Stay form-fitting but comfy for your shoot.

2. Keep your nails natural. Nail-design changes just like clothing styles do.

3. Consider booking a hair & make-up artist for your session, even if you’re a super-natural style Mama. Treat yourself; you deserve it! Let a make-up artist bring out all of your natural beauty with photo-ready makeup and a perfect hairstyle for your shoot! Most of my customers go on a fancy lunch\dinner date with their husband after their session. Not only do they feel super pretty because of their hair and make-up but I make them feel like a supermodel as well :).

4. Tell me what you’re comfortable with. If you’re belly shy…say so! We have ways of making sure your belly looks stunning without showing any skin. If you don’t like your stretch marks, c-section scar, linea nigra (you know the dark line along the navel line?), or anything else, there are ways to remove them. They should not be the reason not to have fantastic belly pictures!

5. Do your research. PINTEREST is my best friend! Also look up my Instagram and point me in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions. I am open to ideas; I like to get inspired, and I love to grow!

Andrea Krey Photography_maternity-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah6.jpg

I hope these tips help and get you even more excited about your sessions!! I sure am!

Thinking ahead of time could save you some headache and money! We offer a wide range of services to our new mamas! Don’t forget to schedule your newborn photography session, Fresh48, milestone and\ or cake smash sessions. I offer specialty sessions from time to time. Please sign up for my newsletter, and you will always be up to date with my offers. I know you’re going to love your experience of being pampered and beautified in my studio and I just can’t wait to create art for you to cherish a lifetime.


I could go on and on. I loved having all of these sweet babies this year and hope for many more next year. Thank you so much fro trusting me to handle and photograph your newborn baby in Richmond Hill, GA. Newborn sessions are very limited due to the fact that they are very time consuming. Book your session for 2018 early to make sure you will reserve your spot on my calendar.

Andrea Krey is a photographer in the Savannah, GA area and specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography and motherhood photography. Newborn Photography is done in her private newborn studio in Richmond Hill, GA and all other sessions can be taken in surrounding areas. Andrea Krey serves Richmond Hill, Savannah and Tybee, just to mention a few areas.  Andrea is known for her natural and organic newborn, baby, maternity and motherhood photography. She has a very natural style that fits today’s modern family. Her sessions concentrate on natural interactions and love.

Baby Plan First Year Photography | Richmond Hill, GA

Hooray! Alex turned one!

Andrea Krey Photography_newborn-child-children-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah8.jpg

Alex is my first Baby Plan client, which means that I got to photograph him several times throughout his precious first year of life. I got to see all kinds of milestones during this time. I am so thankful for his parents to choose me to photograph these fleeting moments for them. I am happy that they have the opportunity to display his first year of life now.

AKP_6148_new copy.jpg
Andrea Krey Photography_newborn-child-children-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah7.jpg

As always I give my customers the opportunity to tell about themselves and provide tips for other new parents to plan their sessions or tips on how to survive the crazy first year.

How did you hear about Andrea Krey Photography?
A local photographer I know.

Why would you recommend Andrea Krey Photography to your friends?
I think your work is amazing and you are great with the babies.

How old was your baby when they had their photoshoot?
We did a milestone session for one month, four months, eight months, and 12 months.
What is your baby's recent milestone? (sitting/crawling/new word etc.)
Speaking new words. His vocabulary is exploding! He likes to say "hooray!"

Andrea Krey Photography_newborn-child-children-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah10.jpg
Andrea Krey Photography_newborn-child-children-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah9.jpg
Andrea Krey Photography_newborn-child-children-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah11.jpg

What has your favorite milestone been to treasure as a parent?
When he began sitting. The world was so new and exciting to him- and less dangerous than crawling and walking.

Does your baby have a favorite toy or storybook - if so what is it and who gave it to them?
His favorite book is Dada by Jimmy Fallon. We bought it randomly online. He knows it by name and "reads" along out loud.

How old was your baby when the first tooth arrived? Was teething hard or a breeze?  Any tips for parents that have a hard time when it comes to a teething baby that isn't coping?
Seven months. It wasn't too bad. Lots of drooling, some diaper rash. The best things were wet washcloths and mesh feeders with frozen fruit. The teething toys were a waste of money. Tylenol for fevers and pain for three days right before they come out, too.
What has your favorite moment been so far as a parent? 
I don't know. I love watching him waddle around Forsyth Park, laughing and squealing. It makes me happy.

Andrea Krey Photography_newborn-child-children-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah12.jpg

What age do you adore and why? 
I like this one, 14-16 months when he is a better walker and can do lots of things and also interact and play all at the same time. I did not like 12-14 months when he was learning to walk, or crawling. It was like mom and dad were pieces of furniture and only there to save him from danger!

Tell me your favorite stores you are obsessed with shopping at (cute clothes/fave cafe to hang out with a baby and friends etc.). 
We are a boring Amazon family. We work too much and don't love shopping. For his clothes, I am obsessed with He has cardigans, leggings, PJs, and hoodies in all different colors. We also like to buy him nerdy t-shirts on RedBubble. 


Andrea Krey is a photographer in the Savannah, GA area and specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography and motherhood photography. Newborn Photography is done in her private newborn studio in Richmond Hill, GA and all other sessions can be taken in surrounding areas. Andrea Krey serves Richmond Hill, Savannah and Tybee, just to mention a few areas.  Andrea is known for her natural and organic newborn, baby, maternity and motherhood photography. She has a very natural style that fits today’s modern family. Her sessions concentrate on natural interactions and love.

Beautiful Milk Bath Maternity Photography | Savannah GA

Are you ready for some gorgeousness? This session took place at my sweet newborn photography studio in Richmond Hill, GA. The bathtub in these images is my very own. I should use it a lot more often myself, it is lovely. Please read yourself what beautiful Antoinette has to say about the photography experience with me.

How has your experience been with Andrea Krey Photography?

I've had a fantastic experience with my maternity session and newborn session. Both days were not just days I was going to have my picture taken or my family was just going to have their picture taken. It was a special experience for all of us and created some fun and beautiful memories that Andrea was able to capture. I felt like a million bucks during my maternity session and walked away with beautiful portraits.

Andrea Krey Photography_maternity-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah1.jpg

Why would you recommend Andrea Krey Photography to your friends?

I would recommend Andrea Krey Photography to my friends for so many reasons. My favorite things about her business that I like to tell them about is how professional she is. She really takes the time to make sure her clients are taken care of and is very genuine. She works with you to bring what you had in your head as ideas to life for the day of the session. If you are unsure about something she will give you her professional guidance which leads to beautiful images. I fully trust her because of how beautiful her work is. I also like to point out to my friends that her products for beautiful images she captures from the sessions really bring more beauty into them. She mentioned to me that I really needed to see them in person and she is right. The textures and quality of her products is unlike anything I've ever seen offered by other photographers. Her studio is gorgeous and dreamy and she offers so many things for her clients. I didn't have to bring anything for my maternity shoot as she has so many beautiful options in her studio to try on beforehand. It takes the stress away from having to go find something while pregnant to wear which we all know can be difficult and frustrating. I wanted a milk bath session and was prepared to buy flowers for it. After speaking to Andrea to plan the session she mentioned she provided the flowers and just asked what colors I wanted and guided me on what I had in mind. That took the stress out of trying to find a place to order from. She literally has everything you need. My main recommendation about Andrea Krey Photography is that she makes you feel confident and beautiful and that really flows over into the images she captures. I think it's so important when looking for a photographer to be able to connect with them and have complete trust in their guidance and knowledge of what they are doing because when you do it makes for a beautiful and memorable session and just adds to your photos.

Andrea Krey Photography_maternity-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah2.jpg
Andrea Krey Photography_maternity-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah3.jpg

Is there a story surrounding your pregnancy? Was it a breeze or has your little one made you work for it?

This pregnancy was my third and last. A year ago I sustained a concussion and found out I had a congenital brain malformation called Chiari 1 Malformation. It's something I was born with and had no idea about until I had a CT scan done from my concussion. I've had lots of symptoms growing up but always was told by doctors it was other less serious things going on so I just accepted that and thought maybe it was normal. After finding out about the Malformation I learned from my neurosurgeon that it was probably not safe to have children naturally and a c-section would be the safest way as it would not pull down the herniation any further but pushing would most likely pull it down more. I had two prior c-sections with our other two children. The first was an emergency due to her heart rate dropping dangerously low and almost stopping during milks contractions and the second was a repeat c-section. After finding out about the malformation I felt lucky for having those two c-sections as I could have made my situation worse unknowingly. I knew for sure this was going to be a c-section delivery. After my second pregnancy I developed Pelvic Congestion Syndrome that has become very bothersome. The treatment for it makes it unfavorable to having more children so I was guided by my doctor to decide on when we would be completing our family. When you are hearing that at only 27 years old it can be a little rough.

Andrea Krey Photography_maternity-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah4.jpg

Have you got everything ready for the big arrival? Are you ready?

I had everything ready but did not feel ready one bit. Having a baby is life changing no matter how many you have. Our kids are pretty spaced out so it felt like we were starting all over again. 

Andrea Krey Photography_maternity-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah5.jpg

Do you have any tips or tricks for others planning a maternity portrait session?

My advice for others planning a maternity portrait session is to find something that is you and fits your personality don't try to do something you are not comfortable with because it looked good on someone else. Make it a stress free day and enjoy the session. I hired a makeup and hair artist to come prior to the session so I wouldn't have to stress about my hair or makeup and it really added to the experience. Pamper yourself and your images will come out even more spectacular. 

Andrea Krey Photography_maternity-photographer-pooler-hinesville-richmond-hill-ga-savannah6.jpg

Andrea Krey is a photographer in the Savannah, GA area and specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography and motherhood photography. Newborn Photography is done in her private newborn studio in Richmond Hill, GA and all other sessions can be taken in surrounding areas. Andrea Krey serves Richmond Hill, Savannah and Tybee, just to mention a few areas.  Andrea is known for her natural and organic newborn, baby, maternity and motherhood photography. She has a very natural style that fits today’s modern family. Her sessions concentrate on natural interactions and love.