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Baby and Child

Cute baby playing with its first smash cake
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The Cake Smash Series: Part Three Providing my clients with baby photography in Destin FL is my favorite thing to do. Your baby’s first year flies by so quickly, and hopefully I was able to capture all important milestones during this fleeting time for you. You’ll plan a cake smash session, of course, but what […]

Ten ways to enjoy your cake smash pictures | Baby photography Destin FL

Baby and Child

package with clothes
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As you all know, I have the prettiest baby wardrobe in town to use during a cake smash portrait session and all other portrait sessions, whether we take the images at my studio in Richmond Hill Georgia or at a local outdoor location in surrounding areas. This really takes all headaches for my clients to tie together outfits, especially if the whole family plans to be in the pictures….

Destin FL baby stores to buy outfits for one year photo session

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Baby & Child