When is the best time to take maternity images?

Maternity images are best taken between 28-34 weeks of pregnancy.

When is the best time to schedule my newborn session?

During your second trimester is a good time to book your newborn session.  I only take on a few sessions per month.  That allows me to give my clients the customer service they deserve. Once your baby is born we will schedule your session within the first 14 days after birth. However, I photograph newborns at any age, so if this time does not work for you, I am happy to schedule any time.

Do you photograph just the baby or the whole family?

A typcial newborn session includes a variety of the baby alone, with mother, father, siblings and the whole family with the main focus on the newborn baby. The family part is kept sweet and short.

What should I wear?

My studio and style reflects a soft color palette to keep the focus on you and your baby. I have a Motherhood Wardrobe line of beautiful lace, chiffon and knit dresses for you to choose from, or you may elect to bring your own wardrobe.

How do I prepare for my session?

All clients are offered an "in-person" designing session at no charge prior to setting the photo session appointment. At this time we will go over all the details you will need to know before, during and after the session. It is my goal to create the best experience for you and bring comfort and peace to the process. I am here to help you along the way through preparing, planning, organizing and selection of products that will be best for you and your family. You don't need to worry about a thing!

Can we take photos or videos during the session?

Any type of camera or video taping is not allowed during your session. Cell phones can interfere with my lighting set-up and they also cause bulky pockets during the family part, therefore no cell phones are allowed in the studio or during your outdoor session. This is a time for you to enjoy and relax in a beautiful environment and soak in the moments I will be capturing for you.

Can I bring the Grandparents\ friends\family to the newborn session?

I ask that you limit the people you bring to your session to one other person. Small children are best taken to a nearby park or shopping center after the sibling pictures are taken.

Do I have to pay the full session price at the time of booking?

There is a NON-REFUNDABLE retainer fee ($200) due at the time of booking to hold the date for your session. Please note that all prints, artwork and digital files are separate from the session fee.  You are asked to settle for a collection two weeks before the session. Customers spend anywhere from $850 to $2500 (depending on session type) on their custom portrait photography session.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No. Your non-refundable retainer fee covers this.

What happens after the session?

After the session, you will go home and resume life as usual. I will invite you back into the studio for your ordering session (anywhere from five to 14 working days after your photo session depending on chosen collection). Our goal for this session is to take your images off the USB stick into real life. I will make recommendations on how to put your images on heirloom products to last for a lifetime.

Can I print your photos at my own leisure?

I am a true believer in printing images. Because no one is ever going to say: Here is the link to Grandma's baby pictures....  You'll receive a personal print release with each collection for self-printing. Most customers print through my professional print lab (through their online gallery) after they see the professional print quality I can provide them with. All of my collections include a selection of digital images for archiving and social media sharing. Some collections include heirloom products and most collections also include a store credit to apply towards any prints and products on my A La Carte Menu. Store credits can be used during your ordering session and expire the same day if not applied towards a purchase.

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