Niceville photographers – capturing newborn keepsakes to remember

a mom smiling down at her baby while being photographed by a Niceville photographer

As one of the Niceville photographers – capturing newborn keepsakes, I love to share why it is important to take professional newborn pictures. It’s the only opportunity most parents have to capture their child in that perfect state of being – before they start crawling and walking before they develop teeth. Newborn photography is a beautiful way to document this special time in your life, not just for you but for generations to come. There are so many reasons why Niceville photographers are a great option.

a mother and her newborn baby boy snuggling on a bed at a Niceville photographer studio
a mother breastfeeding her newborn

What is the family’s goal when booking photographers in Niceville FL?

First and foremost, you want these pictures to remember this raw stadium of life for a lifetime. Whether you’re thinking already about how to display those portraits throughout your home or share them with friends and family, I recommend you make sure that your photos are not hanging out in the cloud or your social media but be present throughout your home. Please read here on How to boost your child’s self-esteem with printed family portraits.

baby feet
Cute baby feet – favorite baby detail

How to plan for the shoot: Location, time of day, how to prepare your home for a photo session

We have a few options when it comes to newborn photography. A lot of Niceville FL parents invite me to their home for a lifestyle-inspired session, where you can be you, doing your daily things, like snuggling on your bed or nursing in baby’s nursery. Another option is an outdoor session. I recommend outdoor sessions from March to November, whether in your backyard, a beach location, or a park. I bring a Moses basket to each newborn photo session to capture your baby’s sweet details.

Most newborn session clients book me as their Niceville photographer for my cozy newborn studio, which is stocked with everything you and your baby needs for the prettiest newborn and baby milestone pictures. The Niceville photo studio is conveniently located near the mid-bay bridge.

The best time to take your newborn pictures is when your baby is in its best mood in the late morning. If you option for a session at your house, I recommend tidying up the areas we will be photographing in (nursery, bedroom, and an area by a window with great light. For in-home sessions, I love to schedule a video tour to decide on where to photograph.

baby toes
sleeping Niceville newborn

What to wear – As one of the Niceville photographers I recommend:

I get this question a lot. Dressing a whole family while having a new baby is a big headache. Parents rather don’t take newborn pictures at all, then having to dress the whole family. For this reason, I started my luxury client closet. I love to take this headache off your shoulders and help you tie it all together. From your interior colors (hello printed pictures on your walls) to the style we’re going for, I am here all the way to help you plan your session.

a mother and baby relaxing on a bed
closeup of a mother and her baby snuggling

Which one of the Niceville photographers is the one for you?

When booking Niceville photographers for your newborn session I want you to think of the following

  • The portrait experience
  • Where do you want this session? Do they have a studio?
  • Your photographer’s experience with babies
  • Style of photography
  • How your photographer can help you after your session with photo heirlooms
a mother admiring her baby

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, book your newborn session with one of the Niceville photographers in Florida that makes you feel comfortable, is personal, and has a style that fits your needs. The more the photographer can help make your life easier during this challenging time, the better it is for you. A great Niceville newborn photographer will keep your session experience stress-free so that you can enjoy the first moments with your new baby.

Since you are looking for a Niceville photographers, I’d love to chat about your photography needs! Click this link to view my work, and let’s start the conversation!

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