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twin babies photographed by 30a baby photographer on PhotoFriday

As a 30A baby photographer my biggest wish was to introduce PhotoFriday to my clients in my new area. Oh, how I missed PhotoFridays. And I am so proud to tell you, that I have booked enough memberships now to open up a dedicated Friday morning for this baby-friendly event.

Your 30A baby photographer explains:

What is PhotoFriday?

PhotoFriday was developed with the stay-at-home mom in the Florida Panhandle in mind. As a 30A baby photographer I am part of several social media mom-groups, and many times moms are looking for things to do with their babies. I figured my clients have at least one thing in common: They all chose the same photographer, why not letting them meet & greet, right?

Once you’ve booked me as your 30A baby photographer for a one-year membership, your baby qualifies to enroll in PhotoFriday. PhotoFriday is a great way to document your little one’s growth in the first year (2- 11 months) and a great way to connect with other moms. No reservation needed, you can come when it is convenient for you from 12 -2 pm.

To keep this time stress-free, I am asking to bring the baby only.

When is PhotoFriday?

  • The studio is open each month on the second Friday from 12 -2 pm for a complimentary PhotoFriday-Session (available only to AKP membership clients).

What’s Included:

  • 5-10 minutes session time for babies (2-11 months)
  • One monthly picture with the AKP number blocks
  • White bed setup
  • Print release (up to 8×10 print size)

What To Bring:

  • One happy baby in a simple white onesie (Important to keep it consistent with your newborn pictures).

After The Session:

  • Choose your complimentary image* with number blocks from an online gallery (add. images without the number blocks are available for purchase, full collection $200 only, no purchase required).

*Model release required & the event is subject to change (it is not part of a session contract)

As a 30a baby photographer I love to design artwork for my clients. And most clients that visit my studio for PhotoFriday, usually already have their one-year session lined up. They build together with me a one-year album with their newborn picture, and all PhotoFriday pictures, or just option to come in at three, six and nine months to add a slide to their one-year album. Such a cute remembrance of their first year.

first year of a baby in review

Since you are looking for a 30A baby photographer, I’d love to chat about your newborn photography needs! Click this link to view my work, and let’s start the conversation!

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