Discover Top Attractions at HarborWalk in Destin Florida

The Buccaneer Pirate Ship at the harbor walk in Destin Florida

Destin is widely known for its emerald green waters, white sandy beaches, and delicious seafood. However, my favorite spot for families is the HarborWalk in Destin, Florida! This spot is filled with an abundance of activities along the HarborWalk Marina in Destin, Florida! You’ll want to check out some hotels in Destin, Florida, near HarborWalk to be sure you get the most out of your trip with your family!

What is the HarborWalk?

The HarborWalk is a thriving entertainment complex and a great waterfront destination for adults, children, visitors, and locals looking to have a good time. It has something for everyone, but I like these activities the most for families!

  • Glass-bottom boat tours
  • Ship trips
  • HarborWalk Marina in Destin Florida
  • Dolphin cruises
  • Marine parks
  • Train rides
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Ziplining
  • Live performances like music and magic

You’ll definitely need to check out some hotels in Destin, Florida near the HarborWalk to enjoy the plethora of activites with your family!

What to do at HarborWalk in Destin Florida with kids?

There is so much stuff to do with your kiddos at the HarborWalk Marina in Destin, FL, that it takes a circus act to plan them all! I’ve broken all of your options down into categories like dining and amusement.

Amusement: HarborWalk Marina in Destin, Florida

Probably the most important part of planning a trip to the HarborWalk in Destin Florida is deciding on which activities you and your kids want to partake in! The HarborWalk in Destin, FL, is filled with dozens of fun, kid-friendly activities for various ages. Talk to your kiddos and ask them what they’d like to do from this long list of options!

Land Activities: HarborWalk in Destin, Florida

1. HarborWalk Adventure

The HarborWalk Adventure center is home to three primary attractions for kids and adults:

  • A 1,000 ft zipline
  • A 100 ft free-fall
  • A 40ft, LED enhanced rock wall!

The zipline spans 1,000 ft from start to finish! Once strapped in, you’ll zip over the HarborWalk in Destin, FL, and see the HarborWalk Marina from a whole new perspective. You’ll see the white sandy beaches, the beautiful emerald waters, and even stunning sunsets! It’s not too fast, and older kids love seeing the marina from a birds-eye view! You may even see your hotel in Destin, Florida, near the HarborWalk from up there!

No bungee cord is necessary; the 100 ft freefall should be your next step if you or your older kids like a bit of an adrenaline rush! Don’t worry. Nobody is actually “free” falling. They’re strapped in, and they drop to a soft plush mat to safety!

With three lanes for climbing, the 40 ft rock wall is ideal for kids of nearly all ages! The interactive LED rock wall comes with games that you can set up to challenge your climbing skills. Your kids can race each other, follow the LED light-up pattern ahead of them, or of course, climb for fun!

2. The Cubby Caboose

Although it may seem like something best for toddlers, it’s perfect for kids of any age! This family train runs all through HarborWalk Village. You’ll chug along, looking at the sites and listening to the people talking. Maybe you’ll even figure out where you’re going to eat lunch or dinner!

3. Mirror Mazes

Ideal for older kids, mirror mazes are an incredible experience filled with laughter! Older kids love seeing the different reflections as they pass by mirrors meant to distort their figure. Running into dead ends and often walking in circles, time will fly by, and your kids will have a blast trying to find their way out!

Sea Activities at the HarborWalk Marina in Destin, Florida

4. Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Yet another fantastic way to see the HarborWalk Marina in Destin, Florida, glass-bottom boat tours are a fun way to spend a couple of hours out on the water. You can sit with your kids in any seat or stand and enjoy the water views. This is a great opportunity for families to spend some quality time together. The glass-bottom boat makes for a one-of-a-kind experience as kids look down at the water whooshing by below them!

5. Dolphin Cruises

For a trip that’s slightly further offshore, take a dolphin cruise and show your kids the beauty of the harbor! Dolphins are known to swim in pods, so you’re likely to see at least four at a time. They like to swim alongside the boats, and kids love seeing them pop out of the water! Again, this is a great way to relax and enjoy quality time taking pictures of the dolphins and waving hello as they swim by you!

6. The Buccaneer Pirate Ship

That’s right, Destin has its very own pirate ship, and it’s HUGE. Put on your pirate hats and hit the deck! Become part of the crew and hunt for Blackbeard’s treasure buried in the Gulf of Mexico! While on deck, enjoy sword fights and water gun battles with the team. Join in on some singing and dancing with fellow first mates and experience what life on a pirate ship is like!

Kid Friendly Dining Options at HarborWalk in Destin, Florida

After a long day of flying like a bird and hunting for treasure, your kids (and you) are bound to be hungry! The HarborWalk Marina in Destin, FL, is filled with kid-friendly restaurants for both dinner and dessert.

Harry T’s Lighthouse

Harry T’s offers stunning ocean views with outdoor seating. Enjoy a beautiful sunset dinner with options for kids and adults! Moms and dads can sip on a classic cocktail, and kids can enjoy some delicious fish and chips or burgers while the adults chow down on some oysters!


What’s a trip to HarborWalk in Destin Florida, without a stop in Margaritaville? The delicious restaurant is kid-friendly and even offers a special kid’s menu for some non-alcoholic (but equally as fun) drinks! Parents can, of course, have a traditional Margaritaville margarita (you have to, right?). On the other hand, kids munch on some nachos or fried pickles!

AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar

Although it may sound a bit fancy, AJ’s Seafood and oyster bar is a great stop for families! Enjoy a burger, oysters, or crab legs while overlooking the still waters below the dock. The view is stunning even at night, and the food is delicious and kid-approved!

Harbor Docks Waterfront Dining

Harbor Docks offers the freshest seafood for dinner, and they even offer a brunch menu! Located alongside the dock, you’ll enjoy a view of not only the water but dozens of sailboats! Kids love watching the boats roll in and out while they munch on some fries. The smell of the salty water wakes you up and gets you excited to continue with your fun-filled day!


Sugar Land Candy

Sugar Land Candy is one of the most well-known candies, ice cream, and coffee spots at the HarborWalk Marina in Destin, FL. It’s a great mid-day pit stop for a pick-me-up or as a post-oyster dessert run! There are a dozen flavors of ice cream and some unique candy selections for everyone.

The Fudgery

As the name suggests, The Fudgery serves a wide variety of fudge flavors for the whole family! Get a little bit of a lot of flavors and have a taste test session at your hotel in Destin, FL, near the HarborWalk while overlooking the ocean! They also have ice cream for anyone who’s looking for something a little colder on a hot day!

Don’t Forget:

The HarborWalk Marina in Destin, Florida, is also filled with shopping opportunities for parents and kids. Get some one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing from any of the little boutiques. Check out the dozens of souvenir shops for some small trinkets you can bring home with you (magnets, ornaments, necklaces, etc.). Get some seashells only found at the bottom of the ocean or even a few sand dollars! There’s no shortage of shopping options at the HarborWalk in Destin Florida.

Final Thoughts

Destin, Florida, is a family-friendly vacation spot with many memorable activities. HarborWalk, though, is one of those spots that seem to have a never-ending supply of fun! With boat rides, magic shows, zip lining, and delicious food, there’s something fun for every family member! Be sure to spend a few days by booking a hotel in Destin, Florida, near the HarborWalk so that you can experience the magic that is the Harbor Marina!

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